Museums, Galleries and Parliament

How I spent a few days in Ottawa

I recently had the chance to hang out in Ottawa for two days. I was going there for a workshop , so I thought it would be great to spend a few extra days in the capital. Continue reading Museums, Galleries and Parliament

Sailing on Lake Winnipeg

What happens when you forget you are not a fan of the adventure you are planning…


My mom loves sailing and being out on the water and used to be a sailing instructor before I came around. When she came out to visit me, I thought it would be cool to go sailing as a very late birthday present for her. Continue reading Sailing on Lake Winnipeg

Waterton Lakes National Park

A Summer Road Trip

During the summer, I am really busy at work and don’t take much time off. It is also the most popular time for families with children to go on vacation, so time is scarce and makes it more difficult for me….. But once in a while I take a short trip. Continue reading Waterton Lakes National Park